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How They Met

Colleen and Jen met in 2011 and immediately connected through their love of barre, but it didn’t take long to discover they had so much in common beyond that. Both grew up in the same town and went to UGA where they graduated with majors in business and minors in tailgating. After college, Jen headed to NYC and Colleen back to Atlanta to join Corporate America. Eventually they relocated a few miles apart from one another in ATL-Suburbia with a litter of boys between them. Cubicles and commutes were no longer cutting it. Jen had discovered barre during her days in NYC and knew Atlanta was missing out…she just needed a partner in crime to help her bring this wonderful offering to her hometown.

How She Asked

After realizing they had a bazillion close friends in common and a burning desire to become mom-trepreuers, things just started to fall into place. Finally, one day over a burger at Marlow’s, Jen reached into her purse and pulled out a pair of sticky socks. Without having to ask, Colleen said yes and the rest is history.

About the Couple

Jen and Colleen now happily reside in the Johns Creek & Brookhaven Communities. When they aren’t at home with their husbands and little boys, they surround themselves with a team of like-minded, strong, funny women and a community of amazing clients.

Working towards that ever-coveted balance in life, they aim to land somewhere between glam and practical, eager yet fulfilled, fit but always up for a good time. They strongly believe in the healing powers of a good cry, a good workout, and a glass of champagne. They are convinced that everything happens for a reason and that being grateful is at the center of happiness. Their veggies aren’t always organic, but their personalities totally are. They joke a lot, bitch a little, and online shop more than they are willing admit to. If for nothing else, they can be known for putting on a terrific class and for making women feel empowered, supported, and genuinely welcomed into their home-sweet-home, Elevate.