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“Elevate offers a complete, head to two workout that strengthens, tones, and challenges every single time. Need to get back in shape? Start here!I love their theme days – 90’s, boy bands, Britney- because fun, memorable music helps the class speed by. Thanks Elevate, for making me stronger, restringing my flexibility, energizing me, and ELEVATING my mood every time.” – Pam M


“Not sure what I would do without my ‘wake and shake’ at Elevate Barre. My booty is in transformation mode thanks to the team at Elevate. If you are looking to tone and trim, then Elevate is the place for you! Super fun classes with leadership that encourage and inspire you to give it your best so you get the maximum results!” – Heather D


“This is my happy place! The instructors are beautiful, motivational and inspirational! My fellow barre babes and I embrace the shake and feel the burn with smiles on our faces (usually after class)!” – Ann M


“From day one I was hooked!. Barre really compliments my running and HIIT workouts to give me those long and lean muscles and I love seeing the changes. They also have a TRX class which is very much like Tabata and Strength but also engages your core throughout the workout. You must try the TRX! It hurts so good! Thank you to these awesome ladies for pushing me and making my workouts fun!” – Tahnee S

lindsay“This is a workout like no other that I’ve done and love the combination of stretching, small movements and weights.  I am sore after each class and they are toning my whole body!  Everyone who works there is fabulous too.  Great to do on your own to to bring friends and do together.  Love the upbeat music and disco ball which ads some fun to each class!” – Lindsay H


“Elevate is my favorite hour of the day!” – Julie F


“Elevate is an absolutely amazing place! The front lobby and workout room are absolutely gorgeous and have such a welcoming feeling! The instructors are amazing, knowledgable, and so incredibly helpful. This studio has changed my life! I don’t procrastinate working out anymore, I actually am eager to get to class everyday! It’s an intense workout that builds lean muscle and is the perfect path for anyone wanting to tone, lose weight, or even just have an hour of “me” time! Every time I go I see a difference in my figure and I cannot thank them enough for helping me rebuild the body of my dreams!” – Ally H


 “Always challenging and never easy!! I Love it!! And I have NEVER said I have loved any exercise program!” – Ginger G


Absolutely awesome work out! I had never done a barre class before, so didn’t know what to expect. We did techniques I had never done before which made it fun and challenging.  The studio is amazing, staff knowledgeable, and the disco ball…you have to see the disco ball!   So much fun along with some sore muscles, love it!” – Wendy W

“Since beginning barre classes at Elevate, my balance and endurance have improved 100%. I feel healthier and more at home in my body. Superficially, I look better than I did when I was running miles and miles everyday as a marathoner. I have muscles and am stronger than I ever thought I could be! My advice for someone considering barre classes is to keep going and don’t get discouraged! Your form will improve, you will see results, and you will get addicted. And no, it never gets any easier, but that’s a good thing-the amazing instructors here will see to that!! This team of ladies will kick your butt, correct your form and push you to do more than you thought you were capable of each class.”– Jenny F