Class Offerings

Who says you have to jump, grunt, strain, and punish your body to get amazing results from your workout? Not us.

 Each of our small group classes are 55 minutes long and designed for ALL body types, ages, and fitness levels (Yep! We said it - ALL). Our personalized approach ensures you receive individual attention from one of our skilled instructors who will help you maximize your results and change the way you view working out.



Infused with high-energy music, each class is broken down into 4 sections: warm-up/upper body work, thigh work, seat work, and abdominals. Using the ballet barre for stability, we focus on small isometric movements to fatigue muscles to exhaustion and deliver targeted, fast results. Exercises are followed by stretching sequences to shape long, lean muscles and improve posture and flexibility.


Created by a Navy SEAL, TRX is a full-body workout that utilizes your own body weight for strength work, cardio, and stretching. The perfect compliment to barre, TRX works multiple muscle groups at a time and emphasizes larger, functional movements (like those you perform in your everyday life). MANY are intimidated by this class, but FEW have tried it and not fallen in love with not only the results, but the versatility and ability to progress or modify based on your needs. Come see what you're missing!

A complimentary, 5-minute TRX Orientation is required prior to your 1st TRX class. 

Xtreme Barre

Formerly know as our "mashup", Xtreme Barre is unique to Elevate and developed out of our love for both Barre and TRX. (Why should you have to pick your favorite child?!) Our powerful combination of these 2 body changing workouts will challenge your strength, stamina, and balance! 

Pre-requisite: Must have attended at least 1 Barre and 1 TRX class before taking an Xtreme Barre class.