Welcome to Elevate Fitness Studio!

Elevate's inviting atmosphere, highly trained instructors, and personalized teaching style will inspire, challenge, and motivate you to reach your fitness goals. Our programs are designed with the assistance of a physical therapist and offer modifications to tailor each workout to your needs to reshape your body and sculpt long, lean muscles. Anyone can participate and benefit from our effective, low-impact, fat-burning workouts and will leave feeling stronger, healthier, and happier!

About the Founders

Colleen and Jen met in 2011 and immediately connected through their love of barre, but it didn’t take long to discover they had so much in common beyond that. Both grew up in the same town and graduated from UGA where they went on to careers in Corporate America. After 15 years in IT (Colleen) and Publishing (Jen), cubicles and daily commutes were no longer cutting it. In 2014, they pursued their passion and opened their first Elevate studio. 

Both have experienced of injuries of their own, so they understand how important it is to provide a workout that is effective, but gentler on your body than some of the treadmill pounding, kettle bell swinging offerings in their community. (We can't all flip a tire or deadlift our husband's bodyweight without getting injured!!) They started with barre, developing a format that could challenge all ages, fitness levels, and abilities. Knowing that both your mind and body crave variety, they added TRX to their roster and continued to seek out alternative exercises and modifications that could challenge and strengthen the body, while preventing injury.

So that's the workout, but at the end of the day what keeps you coming back? Fun! Yep, workouts that can be hard as hell and fun at the same time. Jen and Colleen have a love for good music, theme days, challenges, and building an community who supports and cares for one another. When you throw all that together, it's a recipe for success.

When they aren’t at home with their families (5 little boys between them!), they surround themselves with a team of like-minded, strong, funny women and a community of amazing clients. Working towards that ever-coveted balance in life, they aim to land somewhere between glam and practical, eager yet fulfilled, fit but always up for a good time. They strongly believe in the healing powers of a good cry, a good workout, and a glass (or sometimes bottle) of champagne. They think everything happens for a reason and being grateful is at the center of happiness. Their veggies aren’t always organic, but their personalities totally are. They joke a lot, bitch a little, and if for nothing else, they can be known for putting on a terrific class and for making women feel empowered, supported, and genuinely welcomed into their home-sweet-home, Elevate.