Don't just take our word for it, see what our clients are saying about Elevate!

I’ve driven by Elevate for months and never gave it a thought until my friend and I made a commitment to find a workout center. We tried a couple of different places but the day I tried Elevate, it changed my life. I am completely hooked! It is the perfect toning workout, and I can already see better muscle definition in my arms and legs after only 3 weeks!!! Everyone is so friendly and motivating. And the best part is no two workouts are ever alike. They do a great job of keeping the workouts fresh and new! ❤️ it!
— Ann Marie

I have been hooked since my first class. The instructors make me feel welcome and always have a smile to share. The studio area is also impeccable! This is my go-to :)
— Anna

Great place, awesome instructors! After 5 months, I keep looking forward to go there every morning.
— Alicia

I rarely feel the need to write reviews but this studio deserves one. I have tried most of the barre studios around Atlanta via class pass and this one is definitely my favorite. They know your name on the first day, the moves are challenging, and the best part - they turn on disco lights for back dancing! The environment is so much more friendly than other places and the facility is super clean. Definitely give this place a try! Barre workouts are awesome (and you don’t have to know any ballet to do it)!
— Emma

Elevate instructors are amazing. It is a workout like I have never experienced. Love this new addiction.
— Michelle

It’s only been three weeks, but I’m already seeing changes thanks to Elevate! The classes are challenging but so much fun. I love that the instructors know your name from the very first time you come in and that they constantly monitor the class - helping each person make that slight adjustment that really brings the burn!
— Teresa

My favorite thing about Elevate is their efficiency. Their 55-minute barre classes are fast-paced with no time wasted. And whichever muscle group is being targeted during a particular exercise, it is fired up within seconds. I can feel myself getting stronger and more flexible each week and have experienced a notable improvement in my lower back pain. I’m addicted!
— Lauren

I was so happy to find this place after moving! Encouraging, motivating, fun instructors give great workouts with close attention to form. I love the barre and TRX classes. Every class has a good full body workout including abs, arms, thighs, seat work, and balance. You can adjust throughout to make every class lighter or more challenging, but definitely doable for different levels.
— Avi

I am someone who has never liked to work out. I’m also someone who resisted group fitness classes for years for fear of being judged or not being able to keep up. I decided to step outside my comfort zone and after a year of researching Elevate and a couple of times thinking I’d go and chickening out, I finally went. And I love it. My first class was hard and I actually had to stop a couple times and sit down. Afterwards, I was nervous the instructor would tell me that maybe this wasn’t the class for me but the opposite happened. She reassured me and encouraged me to keep trying. I’ve been going pretty consistently over the last 2 weeks and it’s still very challenging and I’m sore but I haven’t had to sit down since the first class.

It truly is a judgement free zone. Everybody is focused on their own workout (so contrary to what I thought) and nobody is paying attention to me except the instructor. I’ve had three different instructors and they’ve all been fantastic. Lots of positive encouragement and gentle corrections on form. Everyone has been so welcoming and encouraging! I love this studio and am excited to finally have found a workout I like!
— Meghan